Why I Recommend The Girlfriend Activation System

Doesn’t it seem crazy how some guys have all the success with women no matter what they do. To an uneducated onlooker it’s like these guys can do no wrong. There’s something going on right, they must actually know something that most mere mortal men don’t. Of course they do.

picture of a beautiful girlfriendBeing able to effortlessly attract women is a skill. It’s something that guys can learn and become really good at. It’s not so much about how you look, the car you drive or what you do for a job that matters. The thing that really matters is the type of MAN you are.

This is where the Girlfriend Activation System by Christian Hudson comes into play. There is a great unbiased Girlfriend Activation System review over at this website. What the Girlfriend Activation System is, is an online training course to help men become the type of guy that women want to be with. It’s not just another one of these pick up guides that teaches you how to get laid. It’s a full blown blue print that takes you from the meeting stage through to dating and then making a woman your girlfriend.

The videos were recorded at a two day private seminar where Christian along with some other notable and renowned relationship gurus presented the material to a closed group. There are hours upon hours of video material that cover all the important aspects of becoming a guy that is girlfriend worthy.

The Girlfriend Activation System also includes a lot of bonus video content and access to a private member’s forum. The members area is a real asset to the training as the are a lot of very active members willing to provide advice and guidance to the newly subscribed.

Another thing that is particularly useful is that every video can be downloaded as an audio file. The audios make it much easier to digest such a large quantity of information.

The reason why I chose to the review the Girlfriend Activation System and the reason I support it is because it’s ultimately very helpful and healthy for men. Unlike other training courses in this vein,. this one doesn’t objectify women and treat them as a prize at the end of a hunt. This training is really about men embracing their masculinity in a healthy way to become better versions of themselves. And by doing so become something worth sharing with a woman of quality.

The Girlfriend Activation System is definitely something worth your attention. Full access to the training is only $67 as a one time fee so it is certainly worth the money. I suggest that if you want further information you can read the review of it at ManStuff.net.

5 Reasons You Should Date a Cougar

There really is something particularly sexy about older women, now I’m not talking elderly here, but if you haven’t yet tried dating a Cougar you need to know what you’re missing out on. There are a lot of reasons that make older women sexy and dating them fun and exciting, it’s not all about the great sex either, although that’s a definite bonus. Below I listed my personal top 5 reasons I think every young, single man should enjoy the company of an older woman. At least twice.

assertive cougar woman is sexy1. Assertive is Sexy
Older women have enough life experience to know what they want, what works for them and what doesn’t. Ms Cougar isn’t scared to let you know about it either and while it’s great not having to be a mind reader with women, assertiveness in the bedroom is a real turn on. Her confidence and self-assuredness also leads to the possibility of real openness in a relationship. Having the ability and freedom to talk about her sexual fantasies (and yours) is nice but her insight into solving the problems of the world is ultra-cool.

2. You don’t need to Complete Her.
An older woman often comes from a place in life where she is more settled (less flaky) than she was in her, say, 20s. There’s a good chance that she has already achieved a large number of her goals. Sure, she might have kids and an ex-husband but she is probably financially independent, owns her own home, settled in her career, worldly and travelled. There’s no pressure on the younger man in her life to be or do any of those things for her, she is independent, and she’s with you because that’s what she wants and not what she needs.

3. Interesting and Secure
There’s a really good chance that your cougar girlfriend won’t be stalking you on Facebook or worrying about your female friends that call or text you. She’ll also probably spend less time devoted to her smartphone as well. Our cougar has lived a life; she’s well-travelled, been places and knows people. She can hold an interesting conversation; share her ideas, passions and opinions.

4. She Has More Stuff Than You.
You won’t need to clean your place before she comes over, her place is better and that’s where she’ll want to hang out. Best part is you can leave when you want to and she’s cool with that. She’s less likely to care about your job, your car or how much money you earn, she has her own. Our sexy little cougar just wants a fun time, some romance and a little excitement from her younger man.

5. More and Better Sex
Ok, we can assume our cougar friend has some real experience in the bedroom and she can probably teach us a thing or three as well. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though; the real kicker is that older women have a higher sex drive. Science has my back on this but I’ll just tout personal experience. Women in their 30s and 40s not only have a higher sex drive they are generally less inhibited than women in their 20s. Combine a higher sex drive with an older, independent woman’s confidence and assertiveness and BOOM! I’m sure you get the picture.

So, it’s time to meet some older women, right?

6 Tips On How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Do you have to learn how to flirt with a girl over text in order to win her over? The short answer is yes. Only if you really want to win her over though.

Texting is a part of dating, and because the words she reads can either turn her off or turn her on, you want to make sure that you are flirting in the right way. The better your flirting skills through text are, the more likely you are to win her over and get to see her in person.

hot girl sending text messgaesAlso, if you have a lot of game in person with a girl, but suck at texting, then you may confuse a girl. She may be drawn to you in person, but repelled by you through text, and you can take away from the positive impressions you have made with her. Eventually that could cause her to lose interest.

Lastly, the girl you like may be texting with other guys. If that’s the case, you need to step up your texting game and make the biggest impression (over other guys) with your flirting. If you don’t feel like you are able to make an awesome impression on a girl right now, then yes – you need to learn how to flirt through text.

6 Things You Need To Know About How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Flirting in person and through text is different. In person you can convey what you mean with your body language and actions, but through text you have to rely on the message getting through to her without those two things. Following are a few tips to help you really attract her through your texts.

1. Get Her Senses Involved

She doesn’t just read what you write to her. She also creates a mental picture in her mind. Her sense of touch, sight, sound, and smell get involved. In fact, her senses are what trigger emotional responses, and those emotional responses can build or destroy attraction.

You need to make the most of that knowledge as you flirt with her through text. You have to stimulate her in all ways. The best way to do this is to be more descriptive in your texts.

I’m not talking about becoming a poet and feeding her ridiculous lines that sound like you are trying too hard. I’m just talking about words that help her picture you in detail.

For instance, if you send her a text that says, “Hey, you really know how to get in a guy’s mind,” then she will visualize you sitting around and thinking about her. But, if you send her a text that says, “All day at work, I kept getting distracted by one thing – you!” then she will visualize you at work, and there will be more of a connection that she feels through that text.

2. Make Her Smile

You have probably heard that putting a pen between your teeth and mimicking a smile can help you to feel almost instantly better. This is absolutely true. Research has shown that even a fake smile is beneficial to happiness.

But a real smile makes you feel better about everything around you, especially the person who causes you to smile. Knowing this, it is important to flirt in a way that puts a smile on a girl’s face.

For instance, you can say, “Hey, just thinking about you,” which will likely cause her to look at her phone and then continue on with her day. Or you can say, “Hey, just thinking about your beautiful face and [insert private joke here].” The last text is more likely to make her pause from her day and smile.

3. Make It Clear What You Are Saying

There is nothing worse than confusion through text. If you send a text that you think is sweet and flirty, and she sees it as rude or mean, then you have a good shot of her not answering your texts ever again!

That is why it is important to make it clear what you are saying. If you have to add a few words to your text, then do that.

For instance, texting her “Why do I enjoy my time with you so much?” can sound flirty or annoyed, depending on how she interprets it. But, if you add a simple, “I’m looking forward to seeing you again,” then you are making it clear that your message is positive.

If you are ever in doubt, remember that you can also make it clear through emoticons. While they can be cheesy if you use them too much, they can help a girl read your tone and expression behind the words, and it can help you get your message across much more clearly.

girl receiving funny text message4. Don’t Try To Correct Yourself After A Questionable Text

Own your texts. Stand behind them. If you start to overthink it, you may send a follow up text that makes things really bad.

For instance, if you tell a girl how hot she is through text and then decide that it is too forward or too pushy, you may be tempted to send another message that makes you sound better. Don’t! She may love the text, even if she doesn’t respond to you right away. If you text something else, such as an explanation as to why you would send such a ‘weird message’, then you are doing damage because she will start to get confused about what you really mean.

Don’t confuse a girl. Be yourself, flirt, and don’t try to correct what you are saying.

5. Your Texts Should Have A Goal

You should have a goal in mind with your texts. Most likely, your goal is to build attraction with her and meet up with her in person. When you have a goal in mind, you will be more purposeful with your texts and send texts that really convey what you want to say and help you get what you really want.

6. Send Flirty Texts At The Right Time

Lastly, you don’t want to send a flirty text in the middle of the day when she is busy and distracted. Even if your text is cute, you could end up being a frustration to her if you interrupt her at a time that she needs to focus.

The best times to send a flirty text are in the morning or the evening. This helps you get in a girl’s mind when she is not expecting to hear from you, and will make sure she’s thinking about you as she starts her day or as she goes to sleep.